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Gift Coupons can be used for gifting coupons for friends via email or for redeeming in future purchases. The plugin also has the feature to allow users to avail store credit, which they can use for themselves, or gift to their friends. The plugin also allows users to use a combination of coupons for a purchase. Coupon Box plugin displays a pop-up allowing customers to tick on the GDPR checkbox and subscribe their email to get discount coupons. This plugin has triggers option for display the pop-up. You can select to display the coupon box pop-up after a selected time after customers scroll their mouse when customers are about to leave your site with any interaction.

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And more, You can set different times for case that customer subscribed to their emails and the case that customers skip the pop-up. Coupon Wheel Plugin help engages your customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spinning a fortune wheel in the popup. Try it today! According to research, customers convert more when offered a discount. Additionally, offering location-aware, contextual offers significantly boosts conversion rates.

After every order, the customer will receive a coupon for their next order. This way, after the first order, they will get a discount and be more motivated to come back. The generated coupon needs a role model coupon, which can be configured via Coupons managements in WooCommerce. WooCommerce Coupon Exclusions is a powerful and easy to use WooCommerce extension which provides extended coupon usage restrictions.

WooCommerce Coupons Countdown is an extension for WooCommerce , providing pretty coupons with real-time countdown counters.


Show your customers the coupons they can use and when they expire. WooCommerce Sponsor a Friend is a great marketing plugin that allow your customers to become your ambassadors. Once the plugin is set up it gives the opportunity to your customers to sponsor or refer friends by filling a simple form with their friends data First Name, Last Name, Email address and an optional message. If the form is valid email must not already belong to your active customers database , it will send an email containing a unique Coupon for that person. You decide the amount, the type and the duration of that coupon.

An extension for WooCommerce which enables you to offer a coupon after the checkout process has been completed to use on the users next purchase. An options page will be added to WooCommerce which allows you to set the options for the coupon that is created. This means your new website needs to display beautifully across a wide range of different devices; desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes.

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How to import bulk coupons in WooCommerce stores and sell as gift cards?

Kupon has takes care of all of this for you and more. Everyone loves a bargain, and with your new super website chock filled with incredible good deals and coupons. Of course the basis of Kupon is built on the solid foundation of a world class eCommerce website, but more on that later, right now what you need to know is that you can do so much with Kupon right out of the box. Percentage based discounts, time triggered events and offer expiries, Kupon has all the smarts, all that is missing is your great offers. You want to get up and running fast, so we built a series of the most common pages that are going to create the foundation of any coupon and deals website.

These pages have been carefully created to suit the specific situations you need, we know you are going to love them. Online theme documentation. View author portfolio.

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Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. View license details. Item Rating:. The information in a QR code can be presented in various forms: it can be a URL to a specific website, such as your business website, blog, business social media profile, product pages, articles, media sites, Facebook Page or other online social networking sites, Google Places page, your contact details, or some other type of information e.

If it decodes a URL or web address, for example, the QR code reader will open your mobile browser and load the mobile site the code links to as its destination. While there may not be much benefit in using QR codes to send online visitors to your other online properties you can just use a text or image link to do this QR codes are a great way to connect the physical world to your web presence.

The emerging QR code technology is extremely versatile and cost effective and offers incredible benefits and opportunities for business owners everywhere. For example, you can generate a QR Code and print it on your business card, company letterheads, or marketing mailouts.

How do I send coupon codes to my contacts?

QR codes offer a perfect way to connect your offline and online business activities, especially now that mobile phones such as smartphones allow you to connect quickly with anything that is online, no matter where you are. With the buzz that QR Codes have been creating lately, it is becoming clear that they offer a unique way to connect mobile consumers with businesses and online digital content, quickly and easily.

For example, if you are a local business, you can add a QR Code to your contact page that will allow customers to call you directly from their mobile phones. All they have to do is scan the code, and their phone will automatically load your phone number, ready to begin dialing your business. Some brick and mortar stores have already begun to get creative with QR Codes.

Many now have the code available, so customers can see the huge array of work they offer right on their phone. A few years ago, many people refused to accept the internet as a viable shopping alternative. Now, it is a giant threatening to kill off the traditional local stores.

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Here are 10 best free and paid coupon plugins for WordPress so you People are always on the lookout for a discount, coupon code, or exclusive deal. .. From there, all you have to do is generate a coupon shortcode using the . WordPress Plugins, WP Buffs Blog Tagged With: best coupon plugin for. Create your own coupon with the Coupon Creator for WordPress or upload an . your Google Analytics Code to the Print Template from the Coupon Options.

Nevertheless, you can gain so much by allowing your business to grow with QR Codes. If your competitors are using QR Codes and you are not, then you are lagging behind. Businesses that fail to incorporate new marketing methods and smart online technologies will lose out on additional forms of revenue in the near future and possibly go out of business, especially as more and more people are now shopping online.


The implementation of mobile marketing technologies like QR codes into your business will cost you so much less than the potential revenue you stand to lose. To learn more about Trackerly, see the tutorial below or visit their website :. By now, you may be wondering how you can create a QR code to promote information about your business, products or services to potential customers.

Connecting With Buyers

Kupon has takes care of all of this for you and more. Thank you so much! In your situation, what I would do is create multiple registration tickets sort of like tiered offerings with varying prices early bird cheapest, normal tickets regular price, and waitlist tickets free of charge and limit the ticket sales to available seats on the team. Have you tried Events Manager? For example, check out some of the customized QR codes you can create at QRlicious :.

There are a number of excellent QR code generation services available that let you create QR codes for professional use. QRCodeMonkey lets you create a high resolution QR code for use in printed material, websites, banners, etc. After creating and downloading your QR image, save it as different sizes e.

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Use these images in your marketing promotions. To create a QR code, select the type of information you want to provide when users scan your code and enter your content details. In the example below, we want to help people scan a map to their phones ….