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Get Companies To Send You Free Samples By Mail

Here are a few of the companies you can contact to get FREE high-value coupons, free coupons by mail, and maybe even samples delivered right to your door.

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I love the thrill of the hunt when it comes to finding money saving coupons especially when it comes to free coupons by mail! And especially if you use these brands regularly, it can be worth your time to contact these companies to get some free coupons by mail or maybe even free products using these tips!

I've always believed that the grocery budget is one of the most flexible categories in your budget. So here's how to save money on groceries. There are so many things you can do to lower your grocery budget, and maximize your savings. I spoke about this topic on my A few simple changes in your shopping habits can really add up to some BIG savings. Find out how to save Ten Grand They had sent me this cute free package over the holidays. One free product coupon, recipe booklet, and an adorable cow shaped cookie cutter!

Skoy Cloth was an interesting little brand that I discovered. I was looking for an alternative to paper towels and came across their website. After some browsing I sent an email. They sent me a really nice dish towel, their paper towel alternatives, and some really great scrubbie pads all for free! A gourmet cheese company, Belle Chevre sent a very nice free package. It was in a refrigerated box so everything was fresh when it arrived to my door. Yogi Tea. Go-Go Squeez. Bolthouse Farms.

Contacting Companies Directly for Free Stuff

What I was about to take away from this, and I hope that you are able to as well, is that it never hurts to ask! None of these companies asked for anything in return for what they sent, they just sent me free samples by mail in return for my kind words. If you send out e-mails I would love to hear the reactions that you get and see what awesome free items and coupons you receive!

I will continue to update my free list as needed. Yeah, it is really important not to just flat out asking for free stuff because a regular person, even myself would consider it fake or a spam or just you bluntly looking for free stuff you will probably not appreciate. So, you have to show them that you are truly interested in what they offer.

follow I'm Jessi, a Florida mom of two, Disney lover, coffee drinker, and self proclaimed "foodie". Just a normal mom, trying to make it through the day fueled by coffee, chaos, and lots of cuddles Read More…. The email response was really a canned answer, but they also said they were sending me something in the mail. About a week later I got a letter with some couons. Clean coupons! This is so true!

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I wrote to Western Family a few months ago for an issue I had with their string cheese packaging. I love this tip. The person who answers the phone or letter can only try to make amends,so be nice to them, and they are more likely to be nice to you. I called to ask if the offered any coupons in my area.

How and why I did this

I called the number on the bag. Great deal! And if your tea bags bust again, just pour the tea through a coffee filter to catch the leaves. I have also done what you are doing for products that had problems and have always received great responses. I have also written companies that I use all the time just telling them how much we love their product and thanking them for the great products they are producing.

I have received a lot of coupons this way. Many of them for free items and others with just great coupons. If you have a few extra minutes of time, it never hurts to thank a company for their great products! That was pretty cool, I thought. Though the same thing happened again a couple of days ago—I am watching to make sure everything gets scanned or explained why not from now on!

Thanks for your great blog. I completely agree! In return, they gave me many coupons for Stevia and other products, free tea bags, a free organic lip gloss, AND my money back! Again, with SunRype spelling? Plus I have some medicine for when the little one gets sick.

How to receive free manufacturer coupons by mail

We went away for a weekend and I brought a box with me. When we got home, I sent off an e-mail to them and within 8 days I had gotten a letter thanking me for alerting them to the problem with a couple for a free box. I have also done this for years when it comes to fast food places and pizza places. I just got so tired of ordering things and them not coming out the way that I had ordered them.

Also from local pizza places.

What to say to Companies to get FREE Coupons

There are so many companies that will send you free coupons by mail! Thank you for your time and for making such a fantastic item for my. And not just regular coupons. These coupons are rare, high-value offers — a couple companies even sent us free-product coupons! All you.

I feel that if I am paying for something then it should come the way that I have ordered them. We tried everything, and all it did was make this horrible whirring noise. But again, I have never had anything but success with their products, and told them so — I trust their brand because it is affordable, reliable, and a well known name.

Write To Companies For Coupons (Sample Letter Asking for Coupons)

And if a customer writes with a compliment, most companies will send some sort of acknowledgement. When my son was about a year old, his nanny would bring him BoBerry Biscuits from Bojangles to share. One morning, I got a really cute photo of him eating his biscuit in his high chair. I sent a copy of the photo along with a cute note to the company saying that if Jake Delhomme, the Bojangles spokesman ever got sidelined, I had a new spokesman for them! I wrote to the people who market the large Zip Lock bags, sending a link to my blog where I showed how I used these bags to organize my freezer.

They loved it and sent me a few coupons, enough for me to purchase two more boxes of the bags and send two coupons to my daughter. I recently had a box of spiderman bandaids and a bunch of baindaids would tear when I would remove the paper backing. Great customer service!!

I bought a package of Sunmaid dried apricots and when I opened them they smelled fermented. I e-mailed the company and they sent me 5 coupons for free Sunmaid products and a recipe booklet. I was really impressed with their response.

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I had a bag of dark chocolate dove miniatures that tasted awful — like alcohol. I sent an email explaining what had happened and asked for a coupon to replace the bag that was no good. I recently wrote to Pace on how much I liked their picante sauce I am a transplant to the South and have been introduced to the product by my Southern DH. They not only sent me great coupons but I now receive personalized email surveys as one of their premier customers.

How cool is that! I had a problem with Target brand diapers, however, and they did not respond well.

The tabs kept pulling off. I did the same thing with my Seventh Generation product. They said the reason is they do not use phosphates, something other name brands use. I bought two of them so now I was stuck. I have called them three times over the last 10 years about messed up diapers and they like to get the numbers off of the diapers. They have done this all three times I called. Obviously this was spread out over 10 years.