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EE recalls Power Bars after portable phone charger explodes

I'd leave but have read so many horror stories about how complicated switching is and how mafia-esque phone companies can get about it. Satisfaction 2 stars Customer Service 3 stars Speed 1 star Reliability 2 stars. Worse every home broadband. If your thinking of getting DONT. It constantly goes off. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star.

Susan wilkinson. Overall EE is a company that usually lets you down when you need customer service whether it is about intermittent broadband service or equipment e. Satisfaction 2 stars Customer Service 1 star Speed 3 stars Reliability 1 star. Michael E. Absolutely no problem with EE Broadband - paid for speed up-to 17mb, actual speed is over 21! John Cameron. Very good service thanks Amy reliable broadband, reasonable speed and much, much cheaper than BT. David Ridley. Changed to EE fibre as soon as it was available more than a year ago. Constant problems with speed , really slow.

Satisfaction 2 stars Customer Service 3 stars Speed 2 stars Reliability 2 stars. Constant issues with speed and quality through contract. Trying to get through to customer service is like pulling teeth.

The speed never came near what was advertised and we had very few weekends where we weren't throttled, again - not what was advertised. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 3 stars Speed 1 star Reliability 2 stars. Infuriating, compared to top providers. Haven't had to talk to customer support, as yet. Satisfaction 4 stars Customer Service 5 stars Speed 5 stars Reliability 4 stars. Initially my contact was for a complaint relating to one of their authorised online sellers called Metrophone.

When I tried contacting them their telephone number was not in use, so I tried cancelling the purchase. Eventually I was in contact with a guy called Daniel in the exec team at EE, and credit where it is due, he was brilliant. I was so impressed I decided to take out my broadband with them, but I told him I had read some bad reviews about waiting time for equipment and connection. I struggled to get my money back and I am now in deadlock. The exec team have passed me from pillar to post! One of the team actually made threats towards me, suggesting that if I don't agree to their resolution suggestions, they will revoke the resolution deal from the original complaint back in December!

Be warned Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 1 star Speed 5 stars Reliability 4 stars. Caron Richardson. Dry poor broadband speed, I suspect due to a poor landline connection to the hub. Mark Taylor. I was an EE mobile customer and the service has always been excellent, I received an email from EE offering a deal on their fibre broadband and, as a mobile customer I would get 10mb of free data on my mobile.

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It also came at the same time sky put up its prices. Having switched to EE fibre easiest and best part I have now had to visits from bt openreach to try and resolve the poor speed issues the last one on Tuesday the engineer was here for almost 2hrs, rewired the house, the connection in the cabinet but, still the speed is no better used to get 34mbps from sky now I can only get 18mbps down the same phone line! Worst service ever. Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 2 stars Speed 1 star Reliability 1 star. Ken Jackson. The worst customer service provider in uk.. Satisfaction 1 star.

Marzia sherzad. The mobile network I found to be very good so because of this we got EE broadband hoping for the same quality No it is so un-reliable and i usually find it cut out at least twice a night and even when it does work it is slow compared to other broadbands it is a scam I was applauded by the low quality and after reporting the issue many times and still no improvement or any action on there part at all I am disgusted I hope anyone considering EE will learn from my mistake and go to BT.

Satisfaction 1 star Customer Service 2 stars Speed 3 stars Reliability 1 star.

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Lied to again and again by customer services, very poor signal slow speeds. Phil Stevens. Pile of rubbish. I have had no broadband since about 5 th Feb!! Have had three BT engineers at my home , but the problem is with them!! The junction box needs sorting out!! Will give it time, then will call EE again!!

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Possibly the best thing about this is if you're out and about and your Power Bar is out of charge, you can go to an EE store and swap it for a charged up one at any time for free too! After having a terrible experience with our first S10e model with regard to battery life, Express. Why would you buy it from John Lewis over the other retailer? UK for more details. Right now you can register your interest to find out exactly when the Black Tag event will begin, getting you in on the ground floor for when the deals start flowing. Galaxy S10e has a capable camera system; the phone comes with the same megapixel main and megapixel ultra wide-angle sensor as its more premium brothers.

As I'm paying for faster broad band!! I decided to go with EE broadband after reading external reviews online. I was kept up to date throughout and everything came in time for the switchover.

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I have been pleasantly surprised by both speed and reliability, I did have an initial problem of devices not connecting but once I spoke to their technical support via a video call, it was found that I had placed the router in a poor location. Once I had moved this, everything worked perfectly and all devices connect well The speed is good and close to advertised Fibre - I am still within the 10 day adjustment period and have had no problems with connections since then.

Customer support was quick and I got through to someone within 2 minutes both times and found them very helpful. Is the worst seevice ever. I had problems all the time! The connection was dropping at every 5 minutes. I used to call them at every 3 weeks and they were sending me engineer. And i asked them to cancel my contract and they took me again money for another month of no service. The WiFi turns off every single night without fail and funnily enough it always seems to happen once the office are closed therefore I cannot contact them.

They also refuse to help you unless all your bills are up to date even if you have a payment plan. Broadband very slow I have rang EE and they are not prepared to do anything about it. Bernadette Hodgson. I had a small problem with my broadband and phoned the customer service who were very polite and helpful and over a few day's and a engineer who was excellent and new what he was doing sorted it all out.

Satisfaction 5 stars Customer Service 4 stars Speed 5 stars Reliability 5 stars. I have been a customer for many many years and now decided to change provider.

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Customer service difficult to reach, I had twice my broadband speed reviewed and "rectified" however it'still very slow, certainly always much slower than contracted, a smooth streaming or quick downloading is nearly impossible. I live in the centre of London when having a good broadband should not be an issue.

Luca Massarelli. I received a cold call to join EE broadband a year ago on a 18 month contract.

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I agreed to join - paying a severance fee to Sky. I raised the issue multiple times with EE and did all that they said to remedy this. It was always slow and the drops in connections kept happening. Ultimately, after a while EE sent an engineer who was able to get me speeds of up to 6Mbps albeit for a short time but the drops in connection got worse.

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I was fed up and kept raising the issue. Finally, at end of December I asked to leave the contract without paying the severance. They said that is not possible and I need to give a formal notice of leave and then they have 30 days to try and fix the issue. Get in touch Sign up. Sign up. Toggle navigation. Just click ' Get Deal ' to take a peek. Get Deal. Posted by Sylvia Nankivell. More EE Deals. Click "Get Deal" to start shopping now! Posted by Magaly Sandiford.

This offer is available to students only, registered with a UK university. Full terms and conditions Like fast internet? Posted by Bronni Hughes. Click 'get deal' to find out more. Better Luck Next Time :'. Posted by Felicity Joyce.

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